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1. What is Savia Dinorum?

2. First time buyer, what should I buy?

3. How long can I keep my salvia divinorum before loosing its potency?

4. How do we extract our salvia?

5. What payments do you accept?

6. Is your site secure for using a credit card?

7. How much is shipping?

8. do you ship outside the USA?

9. Can I upgrade my shipping?

10. How long will it take to receive my order?

11. How do we ship our products and what shipping company?

12. Discrete shipping?

13. How can I track my order to see where its at?

14. 100% Money back guarantee?

15. Live support , what is this?

16. Is salvia divinorum safe?

17. Is salvia legal?

18. where do we ship to?

19. will I get in trouble for ordering salvia?

20. do you charge my card once I place an order or when its shipped?

21. will my email be answered?

22. Our customer service commitment!

23. why we do not accept Paypal.

24. What will this show up on my credit card statement when I am charged ?

1. Salvia divinorum, also known as diviners sage or Maria Pastora is a member of the sage family and is native to Oaxaca Mexico. Containing Salvinorin A, a natural psychotropic compound that has been said to be one of the most potent in existence. Salvia Divinorum as been used over the years by Mazatec shamans in healing and visionary ceremonies. Recently, Salvia d. has become very popular in the modernized world as a psychedelic to replace more dangerous and illegal substances such as DMT and LSD.

2. We think you should first  try a 5x or 10x max.. And when you order any extract from us we offer FREE Dry Leaves so you should try the dry leaves first then maybe work your way up or just buy a sample pack with 5x and 10x and 20x and dry leaves.

3. It wont be going bad anytime soon , just store it in cupboard or dark location.

4. Unlike many other companies that risk the health of their customers by using dangerous solvents or poisonous denatured alcohol to make their extracts, we use only safe methods. Our primary method is to make extracts exclusively with pure 100% ethyl alcohol, also known as grain alcohol. This is a distilled form of the same alcohol you would drink in a bar. Although it costs more, when making extracts there is often some residue left over, and in using this method it is all natural and safe. The second method we are now using is what is known as the ice water extraction method, using only water and ice.

5. We accept all Credit Cards, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks & Western Union. ( Please email us or live chat us regarding Western Union and even Paypal. )

6. Our site is very secure! We have never had a problem yet and we wont!

7. Shipping is $3.00 anywhere !! ( ground shipping ) We also ship to P.O. Boxes and APO and FPO boxes. See our Tracking page for more shipping info.

8. We ship outside the USA alot and we have never had a single problem with customs. However, if the package is taken by customs for any reasons, we are NOT responsible for the product or refunding you. The risk is yours and we assume no liability. It is also a timely process by first class mail. 7-17 days is not out of the question. We HIGHLY recommend Int Priority or Int Express shipping for overseas customers. See our Tracking page for more shipping info.

9. You may upgrade shipping to 2-3 day air or overnight if your products are being shipped to the USA. If you live outside of the USA we offer Int Priority or Int Express shipping . WE highly recommend Priority Mail or Express Mail for International shipping. See our Tracking page for more shipping info.

10. Usually first class shipping takes 3-7 days in the USA and if your order is going out of the USA, Priority & Express shipping can still take between 10-17 days depending on where you are. See our Tracking page for more shipping info.

11. We ship very discreet with a regular looking return address and it wont say a single thing about salvia or any other products we carry. We ship in a USPS priority or a reg white bubble pack sealed nicely. We USA WWW.USPS.COM for most shipping orders unless you note something different and in any case if its paid shipping we will do as we are told!

12. We are all about discrete and if you place a bigger order we can make it signature confirmation only for just the customer to sign for.

13. Almost every single order in the USA will have a tracking number even with first class shipping. On international orders we do not provide tracking unless you upgrade your shipping to express shipping. See our Tracking page for more shipping info.

14. No, we do not offer money back. Products we sell are not condusive for returns for everyones saftey. Salvia is not returnable for any reason. Unopened packages of incense can be exchanged within 7 days. There are too many scammers out there and we have decided to take this position although we have had no return issues at all.

15. We offer live support and are usually on it so you can chat with us and we can help you with your order. If we missed your message then please email us or contact us through the contact page. We respond quickly.

16. Salvia divinorum is safe.

17. Salvia is legal in most areas but please note you must check your local laws to make sure we can ship to you! If you place an order and its banned in your state we will not ship salvia. We have other items that are not banned anywhere in the USA  like Bombay Blue, Bomb, Dragon, Vortex and Kratom.

18. We ship worldwide, but are not responsible for your package if stopped at customs. No refunds will be given. We ship right away.

19. No you will not get in trouble as long as its not illegal where you live. The government is not tracking people who order salvia and we ship discrete for people who do not want people knowing what they order from online.

20. We charge your card and your item usually goes the same day or sometimes we ship next day! Email us for tracking if you have your item being shipped within the USA limits. See our Tracking page for more shipping info.

21. We answer most emails within hrs and usually no more then 2-3 hours later.

22. We thrive on customer service and will do our best to make you happy, if you have a special request then please just email us or call or chat via: Live chat .

23. We do not take Paypal for obvious reasons, they are not SalviaMonster product friendly. If paypal is your only means of paying, please contact us by email or Live Chat. We are a very secure site that offers credit card processing.

24. Your credit card statement will be charged with something that will mask anything about salvia or salviamonster. We know that being discreet is the most presentable way for our customers and will never give out info or sell info. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about a charge on your card or about the statement name.


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