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Salvia 100x extracts - Can you try?

The effect of salvia in the body may vary according to diverse factors. It is very different to the effect of other psychoactive drugs in the market. The effect may depend upon factors such as sensitivity, body weight, dose taken, strength of the salvia, and method of ingestion. The effect can range from very subtle to very strong. The salvia cannot be considered as a party drug like other drugs. People under the influence of this drug are not interactive, but can suffer from hallucinating experiences.

There are elements responsible for this kind of side effects that people experience right after taking salvia. Salvia has a mu-opioid receptor that can cause sedation, euphoria and as a pain relief. There are drugs that also work in the kappa (1)-opioid receptor and this kind of drugs can cause hallucination that is often unpleasant. This is the reason why people taking salvia describe as an unpleasant compared to the side effects of drug like tryptamine psychedelics.

There are reported cases of people taking salvia that the severity of the effect increases as they used salvia a couples of times. Some people are also very sensitive and reach the higher level of the effects right after a couple of times. There is also quiet number of salvia users around 10% who are insensitive to the salvinorin. These people will only reach the side effects after taking salvia at its higher dose. However, it is not recommended for people to take salvia at its higher dose, especially for newbie individuals who want to try salvia.

If this is your first time to use salvia, it is advisable for you to take lower dose of this drug to be able to test your sensitivity first. The effect of taking higher dose of salvia can be very overwhelming for first time users. You need to make sure that a sitter is present. The duration of the effect also vary according to the method of usage as well as the dosage used. People who smoke salvia show shorter effect. The peal of its effect can only be reached after 5 to 25 minutes. The effect will quickly subside, but you may still feel the influenreporce of salvia for several hours. If you will take salvia orally, the effect will be gradual, but it can last longer. For newbie it is advisable to tale slow dose of salvia. Gradually increase the dose once you discover your own sensitivity to the drug. You can take 5x, 10x and move to 20x, 50 xs until you reach the salvia 100x dose dose of salvia.

Salvia is grouped within drugs that can give hallucinogenic psychoactive effect, but actually the effect of this drug is very unique. There are several states within the US and other countries that have banned the use of salvia. So, it is better to check first if the used salvia is prohibited to your state of not. This is to avoid future legal problem once you are caught taking salvia in states and countries that prohibit the use of salvia. 


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