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Want to try Salvia 100x extracts?

There are varying effects that salvia can do to your body.  These effects also differ depending on the factor that triggers them, unlike other psychoactive drugs sold in the market.  Individual user differences like bodyweight, sensitivity to the drug, number of dose taken, and the method of ingestion also influence the results, which vary from very mild to exceedingly strong.  Salvia should not be mistaken as a party drug. Individuals under the influence of salvia are not hyper-active.  They testify seeing things they have never seen before and believed that the time stood still.       
Some reports indicate of some cases of individuals taking salvia that the seriousness of the result increases because they used salvia more than once. Some people can be very sensitive and achieve the greater degree of the results after several occasions.  Other users have a longer tolerance to salvanorin.  They will only achieve the “high” effects after taking salvia at larger doses. However, it's not suggested for individuals to take salvia at a larger dose, specifically for first timers who wish to try salvia.

 As a general rule for first time users, it is adevised that your threshold dose should be a small amount of the drug to test out your sensitivity. Taking larger dose of salvia can be quite overwhelming for new users. You should ensure that you are with a responsible companion. The extent of the result also varies based on the method used along with the amount of dosage.  Those that smoke salvia show shorter effect. The peak of the effect will last for about 5 to 25 minutes. The result will gradually subside, that you might still feel the effects after several hours. Oral consumption of salvia, however, takes much longer time to show the effects, but for sure this can last for a longer period. For newbie, you should take lower dose of salvia – adding little by little dose when you uncover your personal sensitivity towards the drug. You are able to take 5x, 10 x and proceed to 20x, 50 xs until you can reach the 100x dose.

Classified as a drug with hallucinogenic psychoactive effect, the truth of the matter is that salvia is a distinctive drug. Some countries and others states with in America have banned the use of salvia.  It is sensible to first check if it is illegal to possess salvia in your state.  This a way of prevention of future legal problems sanctions with regards to the use of salvia. 


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